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The White House has a big problem. The Trump administration has been one of the most anti-immigration governments in the world for more than a decade now, and the issue of immigration is the one thing that the president is really passionate about. The White House has been accused of being a “policy graveyard” by some, which is a nice irony because that is apparently what the president is referring to when he says, “we are not going to let people in.

First of all, that is 100% false. The White House has an extensive and sophisticated immigration policy that not only protects the US immigration system, but works to keep the system secure. It is also one of the few places in the country that is completely independent of the federal government. The Trump administration is not the only administration to have this strategy in place, though.

The president is referring to the fact that the current administration has been trying to crack down on immigrants from countries that are not considered to be part of the US. This includes countries such as Mexico, Haiti, Ireland, and China. When Trump first announced his immigration plans he said that they would be implemented in a “very aggressive manner,” but as of yet they haven’t been.

Even though Trump has promised to be tough on immigration, it’s not like he’s ever managed to crack down on the undocumented. Last September he signed an executive order requiring the Department of Homeland Security to begin enforcing the new “zero enforcement” policy for undocumented immigrants. They have been told to stop asking people for information on any immigration status. This includes asking for citizenship, and even getting a form to prove that you’re a US citizen.

In addition to the zero enforcement policy, Trump signed a law last year that essentially makes it illegal to be working with undocumented immigrants, and the law is scheduled to go into effect in August. This is the part that makes me think that “trump news” has been a lot of exaggeration, as I have yet to see a report from the department that has stated any such policy is in place.

However, the law does take a lot of the work out of the US immigration process by giving employers a way to check a person’s immigration status. As a side note, it is worth noting that many companies that utilize the new rule are also hiring undocumented immigrants, even though they’re technically not allowed. This is a good thing to keep in mind when it comes to hiring undocumented employees.

One final nagging question I have for you to consider is, why is Trump calling for a special immigration policy for the country’s undocumented immigrants. Surely it would have been much simpler for him to just announce a blanket policy, rather than enact a policy (which he has made clear is his intent) that would have limited his power and allowed him to enforce it.

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