Direct Mail

Using real estate farming cards to bring in clients is an effective advertising strategy. Door-to-door postcards continue to be an effective form of real estate marketing, and this has been the case for many years. Understanding why these cards are so effective boils down to one’s awareness of the distance required to sell an idea or concept to a consumer successfully. 

We know that no one likes to feel cornered into purchasing a product or service, but we also know that ignoring the need to get business out there gets agents nowhere with establishing clients. Finding a happy medium between these two extremes is where the success of real estate postcards begin. Striking a balance between advertising and not advertising too much is a skill. Fortunately, the use of real estate postcards makes that process a bit easier.

By relying on mailing postcards to convey offerings to potential clients, we give buyers the ability to decide for themselves if they want to start working with agents. This healthy distance provides the client with control over the situation and makes agents look more professional. The cards make it seem like agents are not in a hurry to find clients, but that their services are available if needed.  

With the understanding that mailing postcards offer an effective way to utilize direct mail marketing techniques, here is some general information on what you should be aware of to create mailing postcards that really work

1. Include “Just Sold” Listings 

“Just Sold” listings give future home sellers a rough idea of their own home’s value and what their home might go for should they pursue selling their home. When you add images of properties that have just sold, consumers are intrigued by the images you include. If the people receiving these mailing postcards are considering selling their homes, they will be interested in seeing how much the home on your card sold for, because it indicates a general idea of what they might get for their own home. 

2. Add Exclusivity To Mailing Postcards

Another strategy is to create elements of exclusivity. If you have open houses coming up, create situations that make readers feel part of a unique party. An invites-only postcard or a contest might accomplish this. People want to feel special, so adding elements of exclusivity can do a lot to bring in more people to your business. 

3. Keep Things Festive

If you plan to send your mailing postcards during the holidays, keep things festive with your real estate cards and include a holiday element in your card. You might include a recipe for an upcoming holiday. Your clients will want to see that you are friendly and easy to work with. Simple gestures can make a significant impact. 

Strike A Balance 

To navigate direct mail marketing, real estate agents can include creative and strategic templates for real estate postcards that intrigue clients without overselling services. Strike the right balance with the above techniques to make your mailing postcards successful! 


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