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Digital marketing has become an intrinsic part of running a business, and so is to employ strategies that would help you burn through the digital noise. Therefore, the video comes as the go-to choice of a business’s content marketing strategy.

Video is progressing very rapidly, and it is bound to reach new sky heights on an early clock soon. Therefore, the trend gets fueled by the belief of 83% of companies for whom video content has generated a positive ROI.

Importance of Video Marketing

According to video marketing statistics, more than 50% of consumers expect videos from brands more than any other content format. It represents a sure-fire way for the brands to content their prospect more accurately and authentically.

When people think of videos as a versatile tool for sale and do a lot more than increase engagement. Backend analytics for videos help marketers qualify and prioritize people as leads. The best thing is that they can use multiple types of videos based on their requirements.

You can use videos for different purposes like client and team onboarding, team introductions, sharing knowledge through tutorials, value-based videos that inspire, and customer testimonials that would help you build trust in your company, product, and services.

When you look at it, video marketing can seem a bit overwhelming; considering the pre-production, production, and finally, the post-production, followed by the distribution and amplification part of video marketing. But as it has become an essential tool for marketing in today’s world, it will pay you off in the long run.

Even if you still doubt if video content is worth it or if you have enough resources to make and market your videos? The short is Yes! The exact reasons are as follows.

Why Does Video Marketing Will Lead Your Business To Grow? 

Video marketing is the future of marketing, and if anyone tells you a difference, they are misinformed or hate being in front or back of a camera. According to recent studies, 60% of viewers enjoy video content rather than other content.

On top of that, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all the web traffic in the coming years.

Here are the reasons why video marketing will give you the lead to grow your business even more.

1. Tell Your Brand Story Much Better.

Believe it or not, video is not about selling your service; it is also about emotionally connecting with potential prospects. As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, but the business world video is worth a million words.

So, video is a great time to share a part of your story, the reason behind your business, and who you are in a way that you could never share via a text or picture.

2. Create Video Sales Letter 

Suppose you want to sell any product or service or anything on your website. In that case, you can do much better if you start creating videos explaining your product’s usage, benefits, and customer testimonials that have already bought your product and are happy with your product rather than just having a written text post about it.

Video can make you good money as when you add a video on your home page, and you will see that your conversation rates will shoot up at least by 80%. Videos can also lead to direct sales almost double. At least 74% of the users who watch an explainer buy the identical product from the same company in due time. While the text is an essential part of a website, videos are more appealing to the online audience these days.

Almost 79% of people prefer watching a video about a product to read about it in some post. At least 50% of online users look for a video before visiting a store or thinking about using their money on the store.

Believe it or not, but the audience is 64% more likely to buy your product and service from your store after watching an online video these days. The bottom line is they are either watching your online videos or watching your competitor’s video online.

3. It Gives You Consistent Engagement With Your Audience. 

When you are consistent with your video content online, you see the rise of your engagement percentage every day. But sometimes, people make the mistake of not posting regularly.

Yes, it is nice to create a video that you had to spend six months putting together, and it goes utterly viral over the internet. But that kind of strategy is suitable for an artist, not for a business or a company owner.

If you have a business and want to use video marketing rather than putting all your resources and time into one good video, try to make 50 videos where your online customers would enjoy watching the video. Then when they get engaged with your brand, you can make them your potential leads rather than having just one viral video.

Video marketing is getting bigger and bigger, and there is absolutely no way to stop it. So, it is better to leverage and get the most out of it before it is too late.

If you want to grow your business, start creating and investing in video content to attract more online audiences, then try to engage and delight them with your videos. The process of video marketing and video making can seem a bit intimidating at first.

Still, it is entirely worth your every investment. When you start to engage customers through videos on a daily level, your brand name starts to spread like wildfire over the internet, leading to making your online presence even bigger.

4. Video Marketing Attracts More Mobile Users

With mobile phone users increasing, the demand for video content has also increased. The audience is getting bigger and better with a hunger to watch videos on the go. It is because almost 90% of online users prefer watching videos on their mobile devices.

Mobile phone users are double the number of TV viewers and 1.4 times more than the laptop or desktop users to feel a person connect while watching a brand video.

Even according to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises every year at the rate of 100%.

5. You Can Build Trust More Easily Amongst The Audience With The Help Of Video 

Video has the positive results that text cannot achieve. Videos make an immediate, honest, and authentic connection with the audience. When consumers see a natural face on the screen behind your business, they genuinely believe you and opt for a healthy and meaningful relationship. Rather than reading blocks of texts that anyone could have created, it gives your audience an idea of who is behind your brand. They can see the person’s emotions, tone of actions, voice, gestures, and purpose. A personal connection gets developed almost instantly.

When you tug on the emotional chords of your audience, you do not have only gain trust but also drive your audience towards the desired action.

The more users interact and connect with your video content, the more you can increase your brand’s reach. Word of mouth marketing, social media shares, and an increase in likes can enhance the number of people who trust you and your brand with the product and services.

Almost 78% of social media users share a branded video with their friends only when they can find it entertaining. Therefore, you have to create bite-size, relatable, and engaging videos for viewers to share your content. Even though your audience’s emotions are not precisely an ROI, they can share and increase your website traffic and sales, and then you can take it from there and grow your business online.

Ending Note 

These are the main reasons your business would grow at a double speed if you start using video marketing correctly and continuously. But when you start using video marketing, make sure that Google knows that your content exists.

Therefore, to make sure that Google knows your video, you have to optimize your content. When you do that, your content gets recognized by Google and other search engines; therefore, when you get more traffic online, your SEO ranking in Google also increases. So, keep all the factors in mind while investing in video marketing and make your online presence brighter and more well-known amongst the audience.


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