Are you looking to maximize your hostel space and accommodate guests on a comfortable bed? If this is the case, a trundle bed is your safest bet. Trundle beds are easy to store and retrieve under your main bed thus do not consume the little space for various tasks.

However, selecting the best trundle bed among the variety at your disposal may prove a challenging task. This article will cover the major factors to consider when choosing the best trundle bed for your needs. 

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Wood and metal are common materials for trundle beds. Although hardwood is more durable, it is costlier than softwood, which is less strong and cheaper. Metal frames are less costly and lighter to work with compared to their wooden counterparts.

The mattress of the trundle bed also requires to be taken into consideration. All-foam mattresses are thin, enabling the trundle bed to easily fit under the main bed. High density options are more durable and provide more comfort. 

The bed clearance space

Before choosing a trundle bed, measure the clearance space to buy the correct type for your dorm bed. Next, sift your search to trundle beds that lie below the height limits of your bed. 

Floor space available

Trundle beds require space to navigate around. Consider a trundle bed that can be easily pulled to the limits of the available space. 

The kind of floor surface available matters a lot in that the trundle bed may be pulled and moved on it; therefore, consider the floor that will not damage the trundle bed when used. For instance, trundles may prove hectic to retrieve on a carpeted floor as they cause more friction. 


Trundle beds are movable structures. They are moved mainly by sliding the trundle bed on the floor. Some of the trundle beds have wheels that enable them to move in and out, making them the best idea for different surfaces. Some trundle beds have a floating trundle mechanism where they float once they are pulled out from the main bed.

Available options of the bed functionalities

Mark all the available functions of the trundle bed you would like to choose. Some of the trundle beds have pull-out options which have drawers that you can use for other purposes. The headboard in other trundle beds can be used as a display shelf for equipment.

Ease of assembly

Trundle beds come in different forms and styles and various assembly techniques. Some of the trundle beds need much time to assemble, while others are assembled within little time. 

Those with drawers are complex and require some skills to assemble and some special apparatus to assemble them. Preferably, settle for a sturdy trundle that can be assembled with already available materials. 


The different styles a trundle bed has matters a lot. The ability of the trundle bed to be pulled inside the main bed and still have a little space of it remaining visible is of importance. This reduces the risk of knocking down people and other objects and saves space.

Humidity concerns

Minding about the humidity of the area the dorm is allocated is of importance. Since trundle beds are located under the main bed, there is very little space left; hence in humid areas, it may promote the growth of bacteria, which would cause health problems.


The trundle bed size is of importance to note. Choose a trundle bed that will fit in your available space in the dorm. A large trundle requires ample space to work, while a small trundle bed requires a small space.


Trundle bed needs to be cleaned often. The ability of the trundle bed to be cleaned easily is of importance; having a trundle bed that is tiresome to clean would be stressful.


The trundle bed needs to be adjustable to accommodate either old, young, or people suffering from complications. Being adjustable enables you to avoid sleepless nights.


Before choosing the best trundle bed, you need to test if the trundle bed fits your height and weight. This will avoid damaging the bed while sleeping and increase its durability. On this idea, the strength of the trundle bed will be of great importance here.


The trundle bed needs to be comfortable enough to help you have a good sleep to wake up with full energy. The mattress needs to be comfortable enough.

Health conditions

Suppose you are suffering from a medical condition, it’s advisable to consider choosing a trundle bed that will enable your spine to stay aligned properly. Proper posture alleviates the pain of your condition, allowing you a good night’s sleep. 

Final take

Hoping these tips guide you to selecting the best trundle bed for you. To manage your selection, you may consider the best uk essay writing service to help you balance your schedule. 


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