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Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) are a complicated investment vehicle that lets private investors acquire small shares of real estate owned mainly by pension funds, real estate investment trusts, and institutional investment firms. However, to become a beneficiary, you should work with trusted bodies. If you want to choose the right Delaware statutory trust company or broker, here are a few factors you have to consider.

Consider the Level of Knowledge

Before you choose to work with a given company, you want to ascertain that they are knowledgeable enough. As a sophisticated investor, you need to take careful steps to avoid putting your money in the wrong scheme. Working with a trusted and highly knowledgeable Delaware statutory trust advisor can increase the chances of getting a lot of financial benefits.

To confirm that, you might want to ask for the financial track record of the broker you’re about to work with. Also, a good company should give you a wide range of options to pick from. You shouldn’t feel pushed to choose from limited investment options.

A Wide Range of Investment Options

The problem with having limited investment options is that investors might be compelled to make choices that are not so good for them. For instance, they might have to choose a bad option because it’s the best among the ones presented.

Apple and Microsoft, for instance, are known to be the best-managed companies. That means they’re highly profitable. But if those are the only options presented to potential investors, they won’t know about other good companies out there.

Other good companies include Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Note that a good company should also provide the best tools to help aspiring investors learn more about the venture. Aside from long-term experience, the companies should have extensive knowledge of other DSTs.

Once they listen to your goals and objectives, they should help you select the best investment option. Based on potential returns, benefits, and tax deferrals, they can do that. As such, they’ll advise you based on factors such as possible capital preservation, potential income, and capital appreciation potential.

As For Their Track Record

You’ll find many potential Delaware Statutory Trust brokers as you begin searching. However, not all of them might have an impressive track record. Be careful not to strike a deal with them before confirming their track record.

A long track record is excellent since it indicates that a given company has gained the right financial skills and expertise of the industry to help you go by the best options. That way, you can be sure that they’ll help you pick the most promising option available.

Also, through the profound experience of the DST sector, Delaware Statutory Trust companies must have accumulated a great network of sponsors, which is an excellent thing because you want to be spoilt for choice. Aside from the deep web, a good company should have an incredible knowledge of 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust so that they can issue you with accurate insight and access to a vast range of DTS sponsor companies.

Check Online Reviews

Most companies out there might be looking to win your trust. However, you also need to understand what to look for in a good broker. Don’t just do a slight online and offline research and work with the first few companies you come across. You must understand the importance of doing your due diligence.

One of the best ways to find trusted dealers is through online reviews. You can learn how various companies have performed in the industry through the reviews since their founding. Some companies know the power of reviews. As such, they hire individuals to give them positive reviews. If you go by such, you might end up being duped. Sites like Trustpilot have genuine reviews that you can count on. Check out the reviews with 3-3.5 stars to get adequate information. Most of them tend to be true and less misleading.

Closing Thoughts

That’s how you should go about finding the right Delaware Statutory Trust companies or brokers. It all begins by knowing what to look for. If you feel you haven’t found the right dealer, be patient and keep searching. Make sure to get your reviews from trusted websites.


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