Guinea pigs are one of the most popular caged animals in America. These small, furry rodents have been domesticated for centuries and can be found all over the world! They do best on a diet consisting mostly of hay, vegetables, and water; but what about corn? Can guinea pigs eat corn?

Yes! Guinea pigs can eat corn, even though vegetables and hay make up the majority of their diet. Corn is an excellent source of protein for guinea pigs- in addition to making a delicious treat that they’ll love. Just be careful not to offer them too much or else they may experience digestive upset from consuming too many sugars. Some people also feed corn on occasion as it adds variety to your pet’s diet without adding any proteins which might induce gut issues if fed daily.

It is important only to give your guinea pig unsalted popcorn or other healthy snacks like fruit, apple slices, carrots—not pieces of bread and pastries because these are high in fat and sugar content. 


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