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Guinea pigs are cute and furry, but what do they eat? Can guinea pigs eat strawberries? This blog post will answer that question. Lexie is a guinea pig that lives in the pet store. One day, she was left alone to live her life and explore around on her own. At first, Lexie wasn’t very sure of herself because it was all unfamiliar territory for her! But soon enough, Lexie found some food and decided to take a bite out of an apple without hesitation. She realized how much fun exploring can be when you’re brave! Guinea pigs are herbivores so they cannot eat any meat or dairy products such as milk and cheese which makes strawberries unsafe for them too! However if you want your Guinea Pig to have something sweet from time to time then try feeding him apples or blueberries instead.”}] } ] }] }] The Guinea Pig and the Strawberry: Can guinea pigs eat strawberries? When Lexie was left alone to live her life, she found some food. She soon decided that exploring is a lot of fun as long as you are brave! But what should you feed your pet guinea pig if it can’t have any dairy products or meat? Give them apples instead!”}] }) Copy code Copied Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later Looks like we’re having some trouble loading this page. If refreshing doesn’t work, please visit our help site for troubleshooting tips  { “id”: “14”, “title”: “What do Guinea Pigs Eat?”, “author


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