guinea pig, nager, rodent @ Pixabay

Squash is one of the best vegetables to eat for many reasons. One, it’s delicious! Two, it’s healthy! And three, your guinea pigs can have a taste too! Here are some tips on how to feed your guinea pig squash:  Wash the squash thoroughly to remove any dirt or pesticides. Cut it up into small pieces with a serrated knife, and peel if desired.  Steam, microwave, roast in oven, boil or sautee before serving for guinea pigs.  Feed them raw squash as well by chopping it up finely and giving them access to eat the seeds also! Squash is one of those vegetables that’s so versatile: you can cook it down into soup, cut off chunks for your evening salad-or just enjoy on its own drizzled with olive oil and salt tossed onto a plate..and your guinea pig can too! It’s even healthy for you (think anti-inflammatory!) when cooked properly at appropriate temps


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