guinea pig, rosette, cream-white @ Pixabay

Guinea pigs can be a lot of work. They require time, attention, and commitment to keep them healthy and happy! But if you are willing to take on the responsibility of caring for one, your guinea pig will reward you with lots of love. In addition to providing endless hours of entertainment for their owners, guinea pigs also enjoy eating fresh produce like spinach! Here is a list of 11 dishes that your little friend is sure to love.  Spinach is a great food for guinea pigs, and it’s packed with protein too! Try leaving some fresh spinach out in the cage or mixing it into their fruits and vegetables.  If you have a garden, your guinea pig will love digging around to find tasty worms while also getting lots of exercise. You can set up an area where they are welcome by planting special plants like parsley that they enjoy munching on all day long.  Guinea pigs also love eating cabbage—it makes them feel refreshed after taking a nap! Have one sitting right next to their hay so that when they wake from napping, they’ll be able to lick off any droplets of water left over from drinking before


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