guinea pig, smooth hair, gold agouti @ Pixabay

Can guinea pigs eat raspberries? Yes, and they can also eat strawberries too! Guinea pigs enjoy fresh fruit because it is full of vitamins and nutrients. Guinea Pigs are herbivores who have a diet that consists mostly of hay, vegetables such as carrots and broccoli, watermelon, apples, bananas and other types of fruits occasionally. The first step to make sure that guinea pig can eat raspberries is to check the ingredients list. You want to avoid any food with sugar, artificial sweeteners or other harmful chemicals such as dyes and preservatives. These are often found in fruit snacks, candy bars, cereals and baked goods which makes them unsuitable for a guinea pigs diet. Guinea Pigs have no problems digesting fresh fruits like apples because they don’t require much chewing so it doesn’t stress their teeth or digestive system However keep an eye out for small pieces of seeds from berries like strawberries since these could become lodged in their intestines if eaten too quickly. Prickly pears are also very popular among gu


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