Guinea Pigs

People often find that their pet guinea pig is going hungry and looking for food. This is because they have been fed the wrong diet or not enough of the right foods. Guinea pigs should eat a balanced diet, but what do these animals like to eat? In this article we will be discussing can guinea pigs eat radish leaves and whether or not it’s safe for them to consume this type of plant. Radish leaves are considered to be a safe vegetable for guinea pigs as they contain high levels of vitamin C. However, if you’re feeding your pet radishes and not their leafs this is where the danger starts to arise. Radishes grown in acidic soils will produce higher concentrations of oxalic acid which can lead to health problems such as kidney stones or bladder stones. These conditions are very painful and require medical attention so it’s important that you avoid them at all costs! Some other veggies that guinea pigs should stay away from include dandelion greens, spinach, beet tops (not roots), endive, lettuce – any type including iceberg – green beans.. As long as you keep most vegetables out of reach then


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