popcorn, snack, salty @ Pixabay

There is a lot of debate on whether or not guinea pigs should eat popcorn. Some people say that it’s fine, but others believe they cannot digest it properly and can even get sick from eating too much. It all depends on the type of corn in the popcorn! A type of corn called a dent corn has the most sugar and it produces an inedible hull that is very tough. Dent corns also contain fewer nutrients than flint or sweet corns. Flint corn is one of the hardest types to process because its shell doesn’t open, but they are high in protein and fiber. Flints do not have as much sugar content so owning them can be helpful if you want your guinea pig to lose weight. Sweet corn is softer with less protein and fiber making them easier for our furry friends (and humans) to digest! Sweet corns are higher in sugars which might make them more dangerous for pets like Guinea Pigs who typically suffer from diabetes when given


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