guinea pig, cute, nager @ Pixabay

Guinea pigs are common household pets that many people enjoy. But can guinea pigs eat pears? Pears are a great fruit, but they might be bad for your pet. Let’s take a look at what you should do if your guinea pig eats a pear.  Some people give their guinea pigs pears because they believe that the fruit is a good source of vitamin C. But this isn’t true. That’s because pears have low levels of ascorbic acid, which is what makes them an orange color and provides all those antioxidants.  So if your pet eats a pear or two, it won’t be providing any benefits for sure- but might actually cause harm to his intestine. Let’s say you left out some apples from the fridge and then noticed there were also some ripe bananas in there too! Even though these fruits are both high in sugar content (seriously), adding just one apple OR banana to your guinea pig’s diet could make


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