Guinea pigs are notoriously picky eaters. They will typically only eat fresh vegetables, fruits and hay if they can get it. So when you find out that guinea pigs cannot eat mushrooms, it may come as a surprise to you.

guinea pig, rodent, flower @ Pixabay

This article is going to discuss the difference between wild and cultivated mushrooms so that you can figure out which ones your guinea pig might be able to enjoy! Wild mushrooms and cultivated mushrooms are typically grown outdoors. Wild mushrooms grow in the wild, where they can take advantage of natural spots in the environment with lots of water or decaying plant matter for their nutrients.

Cultivated mushrooms, on the other hand, are raised indoors and require a lot more care to grow successfully and end up being harvested at just the right time. This means that if you’re growing your own guinea pigs will be able to enjoy them!

Guinea Pigs Cannot Eat Mushrooms: The Difference Between Wild & Cultivated Mushrooms Please allow me to introduce myself as one who is very passionate about my Guinea Pigs  and all things related to them including food. Namely because I am often inundated with questions


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