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Guinea pigs are so cute, but what do they eat?

For the most part, guinea pigs can eat a variety of foods. They don’t need to drink water, but it is recommended that you provide them with fresh vegetables and fruit on occasion. Some people think that guinea pigs should only be fed hay and grains, but this isn’t true either.

guinea pig, smooth hair, young animal @ Pixabay

In fact, many vets recommend feeding your pet a healthy diet from time to time if possible! Excerpt: So while there are some things that guinea pigs should not eat, they can still enjoy many different foods. It’s important to only offer your pet vegetables and fruits in small quantities because these tend to be high-calorie options with little nutritional value. But a few servings of fresh produce per week is great for the health of your pet!

This article briefly reviews five popular food items that you might consider feeding your guinea pig if it suits their taste buds or dietary needs. Some people think that all pets need hay – but this isn’t true at all when it comes to guinea pigs (they have teeth!). However, don’t forget about those pellets either – as an occasional treat, they won’t


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