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Guinea pigs are some of the most popular animals in the world. They are furry, cute and cuddly! But what else can these adorable creatures eat? Can guinea pigs eat green peppers? To find out, we reached out to Dr. Aimee Lucido-Larsen who is a veterinarian at Adams Animal Hospital in North Carolina about this question. “Green peppers do not have any nutritional value for guinea pigs,” she tells us. “It does not matter if it’s raw or cooked because they don’t digest it well.”

guinea pig, house guinea pig, cute @ Pixabay

Dr. Lucido-Larsen says that there is nothing wrong with giving your pet a piece of raw green pepper every now and then as long as you know what you’re doing, but it’s not a food that should be included in their diet. “I don’t recommend giving them green peppers as part of the regular diet because they are high in sugar and low in protein,” she says adding that if your pet is overweight or diabetic then you should avoid feeding them these vegetables all together. “But there’s nothing wrong with occasionally.”

Guinea pigs can eat other foods like kale, spinach, apples and carrots! It’s important to know how much guinea pigs can have every day for best results. Check out this article about How Much Guinea Pig Can I Give Every Day to learn more information on finding better balance when it comes to feeding your furry friend: What Amount Of


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