guinea pig, smooth hair, young animal @ Pixabay

Guinea pigs are often seen as docile creatures that enjoy being held and petted. In reality, they can be quite ferocious if they feel threatened or frightened! We’ve all heard the myth of green onions being toxic for guinea pigs, but is this really true?

guinea pig, rodent, animal @ Pixabay

Find out in today’s blog post! Green onions are a tasty and healthy addition to any meal, but how do they affect guinea pigs?

The myth that green onions are toxic for guinea pigs stems from the idea that all plants are poisonous. This is not true! Plants can be eaten by animals if their toxicity level is low enough. Some vegetables may even have health benefits for your pet! Guinea pigs should avoid eating large quantities of raw onion, as it can cause anemia in pets sensitive to sulphur compounds (such as those with diabetes or kidney disease). Cooking them reduces some of these risks because the heat breaks down harmful chemicals found in the onion bulb. Nonetheless, you should only feed small amounts of cooked green onion at one time to ensure safety – no more than


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