can guinea pigs eat green beans,

Guinea pigs are strict herbivores and they cannot eat green beans. It is not uncommon for people to think that guinea pigs can eat anything but, in truth, a guinea pig’s diet should be composed of hay, vegetables such as carrots and broccoli, fruit like bananas or apples, pellets (which they need to have with their veggies), water bottle and treats once in a while. The following are the appropriate steps for feeding a guinea pig: -Fill water bottle with fresh, filtered or bottled water (avoid tap) and leave next to their food bowl. Fill it up every day. You can also use an automatic waterer if you don’t want to fill it up manually; Give them hay in one spot of the cage and vegetables/fruit nearby; veggies should be given after they finish eating hay so that they do not get malnourished on only this type of food they need fiber from hay too! The rest of the vegetable/fruits can be sprinkled around the cage so they have variety when choosing what to eat; Feed pellets once per day at night


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