Guinea pigs are typically fed a diet of hay, vegetables and some fruits. But did you know that there are many plants they can eat as well? Here is a list of 10 common houseplants and garden plants your guinea pig might enjoy too!

-Dandelion leaves are a safe and common plant that your guinea pig can eat. They have high nutritional value, but be careful if you feed too many as they also contain oxalic acid which is dangerous in large quantities.

-Palms like the peace lily make great house plants for guinea pigs because of their low heights. The fronds on these plants provide good chewing material while releasing oxygen to keep the air inside fresh and clean! Feed them with distilled water every week or so and give them at least one teaspoon per pot once a month. -Spider plants are perfect for any type of indoor setting due to their ability to purify the air without needing much attention from owners or home care professionals


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