If you are a pet owner, chances are that you have asked your vet about what types of foods can I feed my pets. And if your pet is a guinea pig, there may be some foods that they cannot eat or should not eat. One food to avoid with guinea pigs is cucumber skin!

Cucumbers contain chemicals called cucurbitacins which can cause serious health problems in animals like guinea pigs who already have a sensitive digestive system and low tolerance for certain vegetables. One other food to avoid with guinea pigs is peppers.

Peppers have a chemical called capsaicin which can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in animals, especially those that are already sensitive or have an irritated digestive system like the guinea pig. Pepper spray is made from capsaicin so it’s best not to use if you’re around any pets for long periods of time!

A better alternative would be something plainer like carrots, apples, celery sticks or cucumber slices – cukes don’t contain cucurbitacins! So what should I feed my pet? Guinea pigs need vegetables too because they provide important nutrients but also give them things they cannot find in their usual diet such as fiber and


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