Guinea pigs have a very sensitive digestive tract and can only eat certain types of food. They cannot eat most vegetables, fruits, or nuts. One type of fruit they CAN eat is cranberries!

ferret, putoisé, mustélidé @ Pixabay

But there are some caveats: Can guinea pigs eat cranberries?

Yes they can! * Be sure to feed cranberries in moderation, as guinea pigs can get diarrhea from too many. * Don’t give them the whole fruit at once – offer just a few pieces over time instead. Guinea pig’s digestive tract is very sensitive and they can only eat certain types of food!

One type of fruit that guinea pigs CAN eat is bananas BUT there are some caveats: *Be sure not to feed bananas in excess because it could make their stomach upset; instead try giving them one or two pieces every day. *Don’t peel the banana for your guinea pig – if you do then they might choke on the skin bits so be careful with peeling for their benefit! ​


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