guinea pig, rodent, flower @ Pixabay

Guinea pigs are some of the cutest animals in the world, and they make excellent pets for people who live in apartments or have a lot of time on their hands. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find information about what these creatures should eat. In this blog post we will answer that question and more!

-What should guinea pigs eat?

As a general rule, most people feed their pets pellets as this provides them with everything they need. If you are not into that idea or if your pet refuses to eat dry food then we recommend using fresh vegetables and fruits sprinkled on top of the pellet mix so it is more appetizing for him/her. It might be difficult at first but eventually he/she will get used to eating healthy stuff! -Can guinea pigs eat corn? We have seen many farmers give these animals corn on youtube videos before (usually when the farmer is trying to stop them from running away). Although there isn’t any information about what exactly guinea pigs can and cannot


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