guinea pig, smooth hair, lemonagouti @ Pixabay

You may have seen the term “corn on the cob” and wondered if guinea pigs were allowed to eat it. This is a common question that pet owners ask themselves, so we are here to help you understand what corn on the cob is and how much of it your guinea pig can eat. We will also discuss whether or not corn cobs should be cooked first before giving them to a guinea pig for consumption.

guinea pig, rodent, animal @ Pixabay

First, you should know that a corn cob is the part of an ear of corn that includes all or most of the kernels. They are also usually referred to as “corn on the cobs.” You may have seen them in stores before and wondered if they were something your guinea pig could eat. The answer to this question is yes! Guinea pigs can eat some types of grains like wheat, oatmeal, rice and whole-wheat breads without issue.

Corn cobs are considered just another type of grain available for consumption by guinea pigs. They will be able to enjoy many benefits from eating it including being provided with important nutrients such as vitamin C, folate (folic acid), niacin (v


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