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Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable, which means it belongs to the same family as broccoli and cabbage. Some people say that guinea pigs should not eat cauliflower due to their sensitive digestive systems, but this just isn’t true!

There are many ways of cooking cauliflower that make it tasty for both humans and animals. This blog post provides 10 tips on how you can get your pet’s favourite food onto its plate.

Tip #01: Don’t peel the cauliflower. The skin contains nutrients and fibre that your guinea pig will love, as it provides more texture to their diet.

cauliflower, red cabbage, savoy @ Pixabay

Tip #02: Try a mashed version of cauliflower instead of boiling or steaming the vegetable. Mashing is easy for animals who may have difficulty chewing raw vegetables because they soften up in the process, making them easier on your pet’s teeth and gums too!

Tip #03: If you are having difficulties getting enough veggies into your own meals (especially those leafy greens), try adding some extra ones into theirs’ plate with small pieces mixed throughout. This way you can sneakily get some healthy food onto yours without noticing how many leaves.


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