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Many people love Brussel sprouts, but not everyone. In fact, many guinea pigs cannot eat them. This article will tell you if your pet can or cannot enjoy this tasty vegetable!

Brussel sprouts are very high in fibre and vitamin K, but it is important to balance your guinea pigs diet. Too much brussel sprout can cause stomach issues like gas or diarrhoea.

It’s best to offer these vegetables sparingly, perhaps once a week at the most. If you enjoy this article about can guinea pigs eat Brussel Sprouts please tell us by commenting below!

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If you would like more information on how many calories are in cabbage check out our post titled “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage” here: Xylitol poisoning from as little as eating one tablespoon of the sugar substitute could be enough to kill an animal that weighs only one pound.

Animals should not eat xylitol as it is toxic to them and can lead to seizures, lethargy, depression or even death! A guinea pig’s diet should be a mix of hay (the most important food), vegetables like Brussel sprouts, fresh water every day, small amounts of pellets for variety but avoid corn cob grits & cheese because they are high in fat/calories.

Guinea pigs need about 12 hours worth of light on their cage each day when possible – so artificial lighting works well too. Remember that the more you know about your pet the happier you will both be! 


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