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Guinea pigs can eat blueberries, but there are some things you should know about feeding them to your guinea pig.

For example, make sure they’re organic and fresh. You might also want to give your guinea pig a little bit of yoghurt or apple with the berries.

Also, if you have more than one guinea pig in the same cage, make sure that they each get their own serving of blueberries so that no one is fighting over it.

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Yes, Guinea Pigs Can Eat Blueberries – Yes they’re small but there’s more to know about feeding them blueberries than you might think!

The most important thing is that the berries are fresh and organic if possible. You’ll also want to give your guinea pig a little bit of yoghurt or apples with the berries so it has some variety in its diet as well as something sweet every now and then.

Finally, make sure no one is fighting over their berry by giving each animal their own serving when using this treatment for training purposes. When not used for training just feed two servings per day max because we all like


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