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Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with this question!

It’s a common misconception that guinea pigs can eat banana peels. The truth is that it’s not good for them because they lack an enzyme to digest cellulose. They also have a sensitive stomach and are prone to getting diarrhoea from eating anything other than hay, vegetables, fruit and pellets.

bananas, peels, food @ Pixabay

Conclusion: So next time you’re about to feed your guinea pig some banana, be careful. Make sure they don’t eat too many pieces of unripe fruit while also avoiding the peel!

Long-form content preview (continued): ​ ​​So, if you can help it – avoid giving them any other fruits or vegetables besides their regular diet.

If you do give them something new and different from what’s on their list of approved foods, just watch for diarrhoea afterwards as a sign that they might not have liked it so much.

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