grasshopper, viridissima, insect @ Pixabay

Grasshoppers are an insect that can be found in many different countries around the world. They are a type of Orthoptera, so they have wings and long antennae. Grasshoppers also have powerful mouthparts that allow them to eat all sorts of plants and vegetation.

Some people might wonder if grasshoppers bite, but the answer is no! Grasshoppers do not have any biting mouthparts, so they cannot bite humans or other animals.

grasshopper, ornithopter, insect @ Pixabay

If people come across a grasshopper in the wild, it is important for them to know that these insects are harmless and will only run away if approached by people.

Grasshoppers also play an important role in the ecosystem as their eating habits help maintain balance with vegetation growth and plant diversity.

What can be done about grasshopper populations?

One way of reducing population numbers is through pesticide use on crops such as rice, wheat, soybeans and corn. The pesticides kill both young insect offspring (nymphs) or adults when eaten from plants treated with them.


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