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Gon is one of the main characters in HxH. He’s a Hunter that has an unusual power: Nen. Gon was born with this power, but can he use it?

This article will explore his abilities and whether or not he can utilize them to their fullest potential!

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Gon is a pre-adolescent boy who has the power of Nen. When he first meets Killua, his friend and rival, Gon’s abilities are not yet known to him; but what we do know about them so far is that they’re incredibly strong!

He can use this mysterious power without any real training or understanding as to why it works.

This article will explore whether or not Gon may be able to utilize these powers fully in order for them to reach their full potential.

First off, we’ll take a look at how much he knows about using his own abilities: very little! It seems like there’s an instinctual part that allows him access to these amazing skills and also comes with some kind of natural talent.


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