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Goats are fascinating animals. I had a pet goat when I was a kid that always loved to eat watermelon. Of course, it’s not the same as eating grass or hay, but they do enjoy the sweet taste of this summertime favorite!

My goat would chew on the rind and spit out all of the seeds before he started actually eating any fruit. It reminded me of my little sister who likes to suck all of the juice from her orange before she eats it.

So, I would say yes to the question “Can goats eat watermelon?” and hope that they enjoy it as much as my old pet did!

watermelon, sweet, juicy @ Pixabay

Conclusion: This blog post will take a look at whether or not goats can eat watermelons. Goats are interesting animals because they do this amazing thing where they chew on something like a watermelon’s rind before eating any fruit from it.

They also spit out all of the seeds after chewing on them. A goat spitting seeds sounds just about right for these odd-looking creatures with their long noses and funny eyes!

I’ve always loved having pets around me growing up and now my daughter has two cats who she loves dearly. 


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