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I don’t do pigs, but those other animals:

Can goats eat pumpkin? Since it is October, and many people are carving pumpkins for Halloween or Thanksgiving decorating this season, we thought it would be fun to explore the question of whether goats can eat pumpkins.

halloween, pumpkin, scary @ Pixabay

This is a question that arises because of the similarities between pumpkins and other squash variants, such as zucchini.

The answer to this question depends on whether your goat eats vegetables or not.

If they do, then it’s likely ok for them to eat pumpkin in limited amounts; if they don’t like eating their leafy greens (and most goats are more interested in grazing on pasture), then you should avoid feeding them pumpkin.

Pumpkin can also be used as feed for chickens and pigs but has been shown without any real evidence to have detrimental effects when given exclusively over long periods of time (though again: we’re talking about seconds here).

In summary, while most animals won’t mind feeding themselves some canned pumpkin pie filling now and again


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