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Fish can’t breathe air, so it’s not possible for them to drown. Fish have gills that extract oxygen from the water and put out carbon dioxide, which is why they are able to stay underwater indefinitely without any issues. When fish come up for air, they usually do so by jumping or swimming slowly with their mouths at the surface of the water. Bullet Point: More facts about fish and water can be found in the article “What Do Fish Eat?” Bullet Point: What other misconceptions do you have about fish? Share them below. Continue writing at this point.

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How many times per day does a shark eat?

Sharks are not mammals, so they don’t need to breathe air.- Sharks cannot survive out of saltwater because their bodies would dry up from the lack of liquid around its body. Saltwater is essential for sharks! They also drink it when needed, as well as use it to help digest food while sitting on the ocean floor or swimming through it.- Shark blood has an unusually high concentration of urea due to adaptations that allow them.


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