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The most important thing to remember when it comes to filters is that you should use them. It seems like a simple enough concept, but the truth is, there are plenty of people who don’t ever bother with filters on their photos at all. That means they’re missing out on some great opportunities for creativity and style. This blog post will review why filters are so important and how you can get started using them in your own photography! Short Paragraph. Filter set: Black and White.

filter, photo effect, glass @ Pixabay

Description of what you can do with filters in black and white photography to make your pictures more creative or artistic, for example using a filter like “grunge” or “sepia.” Blur (aka Motion Blur) – this is the one that makes things look blurry; it’s great when you want an image that looks dream-like Sepia – think old photographs that have been turned brown over time Grunge – perfect if your subject matter fits into a grungy aesthetic, such as graffiti art on abandoned buildings; also good for edgier portraits where people would rather not be seen by their pursuers.


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