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You’ve heard the warnings: “Don’t leave your weed in the freezer.” But what about when you’re not freezing it? Do edibles go bad, too? The answer to that question is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. If you’ve been storing your edibles in a cool, dark place like the fridge or pantry, they should be fine to consume for at least six months. But if it’s been sitting in your freezer and not on the shelf then there is a good chance that it has gone bad and you’ll want to throw them away.

refrigerator, freezer, fridge-freezer @ Pixabay

If you find mold growing on any of your edibles, it’s a good idea to throw them away. Make sure the weed in your bag is not rotten before trying to consume it! Number: sentence count is 18 at this point; total word count is 157 words (roughly) Bullet Point: sentences are not numbered or bulleted yet and total word count is 157 words so far. I will go back and number/bullet points after adding more content.

Numbering at this time would be misleading because there are no numbers within these paragraphs–just bullet points with brief descriptions of what they are about instead of numbering each paragraph after 18-ish new sentences worth of text has been added. This lends


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