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People often ask the question, “Can drug dogs really smell nicotine on clothes?” The answer to that question is yes. Drug dogs can be trained to detect certain substances in a person’s clothes or belongings which may lead them to believe they are carrying drugs with them. For example, if someone has been smoking cigarettes and then gets rid of their cigarette butts by throwing them into a garbage can at work before coming home, the dog will still sniff out the cigarette scent on their clothes even though they have not smoked for hours. In this case, the dog would alert and they may be taken into custody. Note that drug dogs won’t just sniff for nicotine on clothes but also other drugs as well.If a person has been smoking cigarettes before arriving home from work and throws out their cigarette in the garbage can at work, when they arrive home hours later, will the drug dog still detect tobacco smoke on them? Yes – even though they haven’t smoked again since leaving. The scent is transferred to their clothing so it lingers long after being away from an area where there are traces of it. -Drug detection dogs are trained to find illicit substances which often includes cocaine or heroin because these types of drugs seep through fabrics more than most


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