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As more states legalize marijuana, it’s important to know what dogs can smell and if they will find your edibles. Drug dogs are trained to detect many substances including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and of course weed. The question is: can drug dogs smell edibles?

The answer is yes! Police officers use drug-sniffing K-9’s on a daily basis since the 1980s. As technology advances, so has the work these cops do with their four-legged friends. These days, for instance, there are electronic noses that can be plugged into a computer or phone which allow law enforcement officials to test samples in minutes instead of hours as was previously required when using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry machines (GCMS).

Police dogs are trained to respond in different ways when they detect a particular odor. When the dog smells marijuana, for example, he’ll sit or lie down and point his nose at the source of the smell. Dogs that are specially-trained will bark if they sniff out cocaine or heroin, but not weed unless it is mixed with something else like tobacco. If you’re going to be doing anything illegal on vacation this summer (we know some people who might) then here’s what you need to know: *Drug dogs can smell edibles! *No drug dog has ever been found guilty of perjury since their noses aren’t considered reliable sources of evidence because there have been many cases where false positives occur–especially during


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