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This blog post is about whether or not dogs can drink soda. It talks about how common it is for people to share pictures of themselves and their dog with a caption that says “Yes, I let my dog have soda.” Although many people believe this statement is true, there are plenty of reasons why you should never give your dog any type of carbonated beverage. This article will examine the myths surrounding drinking sodas as well as the facts. The article contains the following:  educating audiences on what sodas consist of and how they have been linked to obesity in humans.  explaining that dogs can’t metabolize sugar or caffeine, which are often found in soda beverages.  highlighting health risks associated with allowing your dog to drink sodas such as tooth decay, kidney damage, liver problems etc.  giving tips for alternative drinks you could give your pup instead of letting them consume sugary carbonated water (of course this includes both human-made options like bottled juices and natural remedies like coconut water). As a bonus tip there is an option at the end if you want more information about cooking healthy treats for your doggie friend!  concluding by


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