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Can dogs eat poppy seeds? Some people might think that they cannot because of the opium content, but this is not true. Poppy seeds are actually safe for dogs to eat in moderation with some exceptions. Keep reading to find out more about what you need to know before sharing your bag of poppy seed cookies with Fido! Poison Control: If you suspect your dog has ingested poppy seeds, contact the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center at (88) 426-4435. Safety Level: Medium Prohibited Activities: Dogs with the following conditions should not have poppy seeds because they are more sensitive to opiates and could go into respiratory arrest due to too much morphine. These canines include but are not limited to dogs that suffer from epilepsy, breathing problems, or those who cannot metabolize drugs properly (caused by liver disease). If your dog has any of these issues consult a vet before giving them poppy seeds. How Much Can A Dog Have? How many times per day is it safe for my pup? Giving out specific measurements can be difficult as every animal reacts differently- contact your veterinarian for specifics! However, you most likely want to limit consumption so they don’t get an upset stomach and


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