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It is a well-known fact that dogs are likely to enjoy the taste of plantain chips just as much as we do. The only difference is, they will be more satisfied with a smaller amount because it takes longer for them to chew. This means that you can use less and still have your pup happy! This is why we designed the perfect dog treat: Plantain Chips. They are made with organic plantains and a touch of bacon, so your pup will get to enjoy all the flavor without any extra calories or fat. Best of all, they come in resealable bags for easy storage! Since dogs don’t chew as well as humans do, it takes them longer to eat their food than us. This means that you can give less at each sitting because they will be satisfied quicker- but this also means that you need some great snacks on hand when you’re not around to feed them throughout the day (we’ve got those too!). The best part about our treats? We use homemade ingredients like organic plantains and


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