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You may have heard that Canadians are not allowed to import maple syrup from their country. What you might not know is why this is and what other food items we can’t bring over the border.

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This blog post discusses Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations in detail, with information on how it impacts our everyday lives. The Canadian Food and Drug Regulations are designed to protect the public from food that may be unsafe for consumption. They ensure that foods coming into Canada comply with our health standards, so when we consume those items it doesn’t cause any illness or injury. This means things like meat products can only come in if they’re frozen – even then, you still have to declare them on your customs form before crossing the border.

Other food items might not meet proper inspection requirements because of their packaging or labeling – some examples include honey, fish sauce and doughnuts (yikes!). Canada’s regulations also regulate certain additives such as MSG, sulfites or nitrates/nitrites which could pose a risk to human health. If something is going through pre.


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