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You may have seen the recent social media trend of posting pictures of dogs and asking if they can eat hummus. This post addresses that question, but more importantly it discusses why you should never feed your dog any type of food without first checking with a veterinarian. 

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Can dogs eat hummus?

They sure can. But before feeding it to your dog make sure you speak with a veterinarian about what foods are good for them and which ones they should avoid. If you want more information on this topic check out our blog post “Can Dogs Eat Hummus?” ! This is my first paragraph of content in the long-form version of my Hubspot article. This sentence will be followed by two paragraphs that will follow the same guidelines as outlined above. My next sentences would introduce some other important points related to this subject matter such as: why not all types of foods may be safe for your furry friend; how often veterinarians recommend pet owners talk with their


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