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Can dogs eat Doritos?

Well, the answer is no. Dogs can’t have Doritos because they are allergic to them. This article talks about how various food allergies manifest in different animals and what you should do if your pet has an allergy to a certain food.

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*Never feed your pet any type of food to which they are allergic. *Always make sure you know what is in the food you’re giving them, so as not to accidentally give them something that will make their allergies worse (or even kill them). Pets can have all sorts of weird allergies, and it’s up to us humans to keep an eye on what we’re feeding our furry friends! The author shares some tips for monitoring different types of animal allergies: from cats who eat fish, dogs with Doritos, or hamsters with chocolates. It also covers how these specific animals’ bodies react differently than human beings when exposed to allergens. That way we can be more aware and


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