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It’s not uncommon to see dogs eating a variety of things, including food from the table.

But can dogs eat caramel? Let’s find out!

labrador retriever, dog, pet @ Pixabay

-Caramel is made with sugar, which can be bad for dogs. The simple sugars it contains are easily fermentable and promote tooth decay in both humans and animal alike as well as cause weight gain.

Sugar also causes digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation due to the sudden change of diet that often occurs when eating food containing large amounts of sugar.

-There’s not much research on whether caramel specifically affects pets but there have been reports from people who say their dog became ill after eating a few pieces of a Halloween candy bar (with caramels).


So while many pet owners report giving small portions of human sweets to their canine companions without any adverse effects, we feel obligated to warn you that too much consumption could lead to


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