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In this blog post, we’re going to talk about a disease that you never want your dog to get: strep. When dogs have it, they often seem sick and lethargic. They may not be eating or drinking much either.

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Canine Infectious Stomatitis (CIS)

The most common virus that causes canine strep is called Canine Infectious Stomatitis (CIS). It’s highly contagious among dogs and can be spread by close contact with an infected animal’s saliva. The virus which causes this disease can be spread from dog to dog through close contact. It is most often passed by the exchange of saliva, but it can also be transmitted via an infected animal’s coat or paws.

In some cases, a human handler could transmit the virus to their pet if they have not washed their hands before handling them. Symptoms: fever, lethargy and swollen lymph nodes in neck area. The initial symptoms are very similar to those of kennel cough – so much so that many veterinarians only offer treatment for one when the other has been diagnosed later on! A veterinarian will need to do blood work or take fluid samples (like what would happen during a regular checkup) in order to diagnose


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