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In this blog post, Dr. Amanda J. King of the Animal Medical Center will answer one of our most frequent questions: Can dogs get strep throat? In order to properly diagnose a dog with infectious disease, veterinarians often use a combination of physical examination findings and diagnostic tests like blood work and urinalysis to rule out other possible causes for illness before making a diagnosis.

In this case, the doctor will examine your dog’s throat and neck area to look for a swollen lymph node. If it is present, then strep might be the culprit because most other causes (such as trauma or laryngitis) would not cause swelling in that location. They may also take a sample of fluid from your dog’s vocal cords if they are trying to diagnose an upper respiratory infection like kennel cough or canine influenza. Your veterinarian may ask you about any recent illnesses with which Fido has come into contact before making their diagnosis and treatment recommendations.”


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