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First, let’s talk about what tortillas are. Tortilla is a Spanish word meaning “small cake” which usually refers to a round flatbread made from corn or wheat flour and cooked on a hot surface.

It can be used as an ingredient for many dishes or eaten by itself with the fillings of your choice. However, if you’re wondering whether dogs can eat tortillas, then we have some bad news – they cannot!

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What are some common ingredients?

Corn flour or wheat flour, usually mixed with lard (pork fat) or oil for softer tortillas and sometimes baking powder. This gives the tortilla a soft texture that is equivalent to eating bread in English cuisine.

Salt -A pinch of sugar helps to bring out the taste of corn masa if added during processing; additionally salt can also be used as it inhibits microbial growth.

Water -The dough needs about three cups (700 ml) water per one cup (130 grams) masa harina plus small amounts of vegetable shortening, liquid flavourings such as lime juice, and spices like garlic, onion powders, chilli pepper flakes or cumin


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