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You may have noticed your dog has been piling on the pounds recently, even though you are feeding him the same amount of food. This could be due to a number of different reasons, but one that you might not think about is what he’s eating. Your dog’s diet should consist primarily of meat and vegetables with little to no carbs or sugars.

Some foods that dogs should avoid include soy sauce, cheese, grapes, alcohol, chocolate and onions among other things.

Even if your dog isn’t overweight, you should still avoid these foods. Many of them are toxic to dogs and can cause a variety of health problems including vomiting, diarrhoea and seizures in the worst-case scenario.

Even though they may seem harmless or even appetizing to humans, many of these items are also bad for our four-legged friends following their digestive tract differently than ours do.

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In addition to avoiding some food types that could be unhealthy for him, there is one type that he absolutely must not eat at all costs: chocolate!

This might come as no surprise since it’s on just about every “do not feed” list out there; but did you know that eating as little as six ounces can lead to death? 


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