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Yes, but only in moderation. Sour Patch Kids are a type of candy that is not usually edible by humans because it has too much sugar and other ingredients that can be harmful to us.

Dogs have different nutritional needs than people, so their bodies are able to process these types of foods better. That being said, you should never feed your dog anything off the ground or out of another person’s hands without first checking with a veterinarian! 

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The dog is just being curious. He has found something he wants to taste and you are in the way. You can either wait for him to give up or distract him with a treat that will also help train his focus on eating instead of exploring (and, consequently, chewing).

If your concern is more about what’s in it than how much sugar there might be, have someone show you before giving it to your pet: they’re safe if made with all-natural ingredients and not too sugary.

It may take some time but eventually, your pup should lose interest. It sounds like this whole post was written by an angry cat owner! Dogs don’t care about sweets.


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