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Dogs love bacon! It is a known fact that dogs will chase after bacon until they get it.

In fact, many people believe that bacon is the answer to their wet dog question because it gets rid of the smelly odour from your pup’s paws and coat.

Bacon contains sodium which attracts water molecules in the air, drying out our canine friends’ fur and skin. You can also rub bacon on your dog’s paws for the same effect.

How to Cook Bacon?

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Fry it up in a pan or bake it in an oven until crispy. When cooking bacon, make sure not to cross-contaminate with other meats as this could lead to illness in both you and your pup!

Be careful not to overcook the bacon either because that will give off steam which makes the house smell like a wet dog.

If you’re looking for more ways to dry out your pet’s coat, try brushing them down with cornmeal after they eat their breakfast oatmeal. Cornmeal is just one of many deodorizing foods dogs enjoy eating!



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