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The debate on whether or not dogs can eat poppy seeds has been raging for centuries. Opium is a powerful narcotic, but how does it affect our furry friends? The answer to this question is complicated and depends on many factors. This article looks at the history of opium in humans, as well as its effect on dogs.

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Opium contains various natural compounds including morphine which provides a euphoric feeling when consumed by humans; however, there are also side effects associated with its use. When an animal consumes too much opium they will experience vomiting and diarrhea resulting from dehydration caused by the diarrheal action of opiates like codeine and morphine.

Dogs may have increased sensitivity to these drugs due to their decreased liver function relative to humans. This means that dogs can eat poppy seeds in moderation without adverse health consequences if they consume it along with food rich in water content such as milk or yogurt. The results of eating raw poppy seeds vary depending on how many times your dog has ingested them before this time.


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